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About KPS Technology & Engineering LLC


With more than 60 technical papers published, three existing and three pending U.S. patents, the KPS team continues to demonstrate industry leadership. This thirst for innovation combined with superior problem-solving and front-end skills allows the KPS team to be a high-value partner to clients. Plus, with more than 200 years of combined experience, the team understands flexible and responsive service is critical for a project’s success.

KPS Technology & Engineering is a member of Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd., the foremost research and development organization in the sour gas and sulfur technical arena.  New technology development activities at KPS include enhancing sulfur removal capabilities, optimizing the sulfur recovery process, improving sulfur degassing and alternative strategies for sour gas utilization.  The team’s main focus is on an alternative sour gas utilization strategy that harnesses the combustion energy in hydrogen sulfide and sulfur while providing safe and effective sequestration of sulfur dioxide.

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